Server Information

Client: 10.00 - 12.00
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Location: Sweden
World Type: PVP Enforced.
Bless Protection: Level 50
You will not drop any items until level 50.
Level Protection: Level 25
You will not get killed by players until level 25.
Exp Stages: 1 - 50 level: x150
51 - 100 level: x100
101 - 150 level: x50
151 - 200 level: x40
201 - 250 level: x20
251 - 300 level: x10
301+ level: x5
Skill Rate: x25.0
Magic Rate: x15.0
Loot Rate: x3.0
Houses: There are currently 1043 houses available to be bought. There is no monthly rent, but if your character has been offline for more than 15 days you will lose your house due to inactivity.
Frags: Frags to get red skull: 8
Frags to get black skull: 16
It takes 3 hours for a frag to disappear, and you will have a PZ lock for 15 minutes if you kill someone.